Ammy's update history.

2021/02/01 - im remaking my gamer page.......... idk what into tho

2020/06/23 - added another game to my VR page: Davigo! fun little thing... check it out

2020/06/22 - properly renamed this page to "updates".. and made my own 88x31 button! find it on the index and put it on your site. now.

2020/06/08 - the javascript on the about page is soo much better now all thanks to my friend(thank you!!!)! it works basically the same but im much happier with something expandable than something stuck requiring changes with every new addition... its made me realise i should probably learn a bit more about it before trying to force my way through everything :P mdn here i come...

2020/06/08 - he simply cant be stopped!! the absolute madman (me) has gone and done it again... i added probably the most poorly put together js to my about page!! i had this super smart idea of how i could deal with it, but i couldn't get it to work! so i just did it ammy style (lazy). theres also a load more images in the gallery now (specifically the sketch section) and i cant stop redeciding which part each image goes into :/ honestly i hope i look back at my current js in a month and realise better ways to go about all of this.

2020/06/08 - made the javascript better (looking)! instead of just appearing it now has a nice little animation... i'm sure i went about it in the most obtuse way possible, but oh well. i'm sure it could've been done with purely css too, but i needed a good reason to start with js lol. it's kinda hard to split my work between "finished" and "unfinished"... since i have so few pieces that are REALLY finished. i think it'll just end up being more for stuff that i don't really want shown front and center. thinking of ways i could use js elsewhere...

2020/06/07 - added javascript to my gallery page as a little test! im brand new to js... i also added some more to the vr page between the last update and now. also, other people's buttons on my index page!

2020/06/05 - added favicon & short clips of gameplay to the vr page

2020/06/04 - made the thoughts page!! the first page on here that i had fully planned out before i even started making it... hope you like it as much as i do

2020/06/03 - changed the colour scheme on the about page... also added some "clarifications"? to a few of the entries. i also put another game thing in the vr section - and now that page is officially NOT only for stuff i like!
i have a few thoughts id like to post about the creation of this site... but i have no idea where to put them. "thoughts" page incoming?

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